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OUR principles

Our principles center upon devotion to quality

  • We carry full responsibility for each of our candidates. We guarantee the competency and professionalism of our specialists and the quality of service we provide

  • We do not discuss future career possibilities with Candidates that we recommend until the candidate is working with our Client

  • We provide three full months guarantee of the candidates we recruit. During this time the Client has the right to refuse the candidate for objective reasons and we are obliged to substitute another candidate free of charge

  • We take our clients' privacy seriously. We maintain strict confidentiality with all commercial information provided to us by our Clients

  • In all circumstances we will not deliver any information about the Candidate to our Client until we receive approval from our Candidate

  • We never discriminate between the Candidate and the Client on the basis of race, sex, nationality, religion, age and martial status, or any other similar factors if only the mentioned facts do not affect the ability of the Candidate to fulfill his/her job responsibilities

Our Personnel Selection experts will help you select specialists' that will integrate harmoniously into your business and contribute to your progress and success.

Our experts know the quickest and most efficient way to build a successful career and to guarantee your advancement in business.

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