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15.05.2016 |
должность: Chief Strategical Officer | Киев | $
область діяльності: Маркетинг/реклама/PR

Our Client, Group of international agencies, announces about open vacancy of Chief Strategical Officer

  • higher education (МВА would be a plus);
  • working experience as Strategical Officer/Manager in advertising/PR agency non less than 3 years is a must;
  • good knowledge of different strategical planning models;
  • deep diving in research stuff: knowledge of research products, skill of reading research results, skill of setting goals to research companies, to organise in-house research;
  • good knowledge of marketing data, mass-media and digital metrics;
  • number of successful strategical projects in portfolio;
  • working experience with different audiences (Millenials, X Generations etc);
  • working experience with international and local brands;
  • experience of brands creating and rebranding.
  • good knowledge of marketing data, mass-media and digital metrics;
  • to form Group strategical planning view;
  • to develop integrative decisions for client's business, taking in account different expertises of the Group (creativity, digital, marketing services, PR, CRM, media);/li>
  • to develop consumer's insights inspiring Big Idea creation;
  • to increase client's KPI by complex programms suggesting;
  • to promote the models of integrative communications planning in the Group;/li>
  • to sale integrative way for communications planning to clients;/li>

Interested qualified candidates meeting the requirements of Job Description can send their Resume to sorokopud@tcb.in.ua
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